I have always been proud and I am proud today that I am Azerbaijani!

March, 31 - The Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis.

The 1918-th year is one of the most bloody pages of Azerbaijan history. Used the situation in Russia after World War I, February and October revolutions in 1917 Armenians began to realize their plans under the banner of Bolshevism. Since March 1918 Baku commune started to implement the criminal plan with the aim to liquidate Azerbaijanis in Baku province under the slogan of the fight against counterrevolutionary elements. The crimes committed by Armenians those days remained in the memory of Azerbaijani people forever. Only because of their national belonging thousands peaceful Azerbaijanis were killed. Armenians burnt houses and live people. They destroyed national architectural values, schools, hospitals, mosques and other constructions, the most part of Baku was in ruins. Genocide of Azerbaijanis implemented with particular brutality in Baku, Shemakha, Guba districts, in Karabakh, Zangezur, Nakhchivan, Lenkoran and other districts of Azerbaijan. The peaceful population was killed in mass order, villages were burnt, monuments of national culture were destroyed on those lands. 
In March-April, 1918 Armenians killed more than 50 thousand Azerbaijanis, plundered their houses, drove tens thousands of people out of their homes in Baku, Shemakha, Guba, Mugan, Lenkoran. Only in Baku about 30 thousand Azerbaijanis were killed with particular brutality, 58 villages were destroyed, about 7 thousand people were killed including 1653 women and 965 children in Shemakha district. 122 Moslem villages were destroyed in Guba district, more than 150 Azerbaijani villages were destroyed barbarously in the upper part of Karabakh, 115 villages - in Zangezur district, the terrible massacre was implemented against population without any distinction of sex and age. 
In 1998, the National Leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev issued the Decree on declaring of March, 31 as the day of the genocide of Azerbaijanis. This decree is a demonstration of the national memory about the tragic events in the history of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani people for the past century. The outrageous facts of mass killings, repression, expatriation of the Azerbaijanis from their native places are one of the tragic pages of the world history of XX century. A Clear sign of Armenian nationalism that is delirious about the creation of "Great Armenia" and uses any ways for the achievement of this goal is shown in this tragic history of the Azerbaijani nation.